Preventantive plumbing maintenance for the wet season CairnsPreventative plumbing maintenance in Cairns can make a big difference this wet season.

As a homeowner, keeping up with all the maintenance jobs can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself, let alone getting on top of it with all the preventive plumbing maintenance needed for the approaching wet season.  In Cairns, preventative plumbing maintenance can help ensure your roof, drains and gutters are well-maintained and up to the task of keeping your home and possessions safe.

While plumbing maintenance can be kept up throughout the year, the rainy season puts even more emphasis on it’s importance.   Proper roofing and gutter maintenance suddenly becomes critical when the heavy downpours start.

Preventative plumbing maintenance ensures that potential plumbing problems can be addressed before they become a real issue.

Alexander Plumbing Cairns can help you with all aspects of your home’s plumbing including:

  • Plumbing maintenance;
  • Drain clearing;
  • Gutter inspections and maintenance; plus
  • Roof maintenance.

Ensure your drains, gutters and roof are ready for the wet season.

February can really test your drain pipes and plumbing in Cairns.  Storms and heavy downfalls can wash mud and dirt into a drainage system creating clogs. Look for slow drainage or localised flooding during heavy rains.  Also look for signs of leaks and corrosion in drain pipes, and gutters.  Getting on top of small issues before they become big problems and cost you a bundle thanks to an extra-heavy wet season downpour is the main aim of preventative plumbing maintenance in Cairns.

Each year we hear more news of bigger, stronger cyclones and storms approaching the Cairns region.  With your house prepared and ready, you can get back to watching the Cairns weather forecast for the good weather approaching that means you can get the boat out.

Alexander Plumbing Cairns has over 20 years local experience.  They are a fully license plumber offering emergency plumbing services.

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